About Us

Happi Products Ltd. is a member of the award-winning Happi Group of Companies which manufactures, distributes, imports and exports food and household products. The company is well-known in supermarkets throughout Trinidad and Tobago for its dedication to distributing excellent products while providing superlative customer service. The company utilizes modern technology and machinery for packaging of its popular range of top quality products and canned foods which are manufactured in Canada, USA, Brazil, Thailand and other leading export countries. Internally, for nearly twenty years, the company rewards excellence to its employees with programs for scholarships, book grants and computer classes for Happi staff and their children.

The company was launched in 1975 with a focus on the wholesale of dry goods to small retail outlets. It has since evolved into one of the leading food distributors in Trinidad and Tobago with efficiencies surpassing multinational competitors operating in the country. In 1979, the company began to develop and distribute its own brand, “Happi” and today is a leading food and household goods manufacturer and distributor in Trinidad with three strategically located warehouses on the island.

Having earned a reputation for quality products while growing a loyal consumer base, Happi sells a variety of popular products including soya bean oil, rice, granulated sugar, canned vegetables and powdered milk. Happi’s mission is to remain the brand synonymous with “good quality at a great price” and continuing an unwavering commitment to its customers.